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Anupama 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Maaya thinks that Anuj and Anupama are going out on a date, so she yells at them to stop. Then she realizes it’s all in her head. When Maaya caused trouble at Anupama’s crowning, the Shahs got angry. Leela thinks it’s Anupama’s fault that she let such selfish people stay at her house.

Pakhi says that anyone Anupama lets stay at her house ends up being a liar. Toshu tells Anupama why she only gets rude people. Dimpy says that Leela doesn’t understand, but kids also don’t care about a person with a mental disease. Pakhi says that Maaya is not crazy, but is instead a selfish person. Dimpy fights with all of them on Maaya’s side.

Pakhi and her start to fight. Samar fights with Pakhi and helps Dimpy. Dimpy humiliates even Kinjal. Leela says to them, “Stop!” Anuj thinks he made a big mistake when he tried to help Maaya, so he thinks it’s best to send her to a mental hospital now. Maaya continues to imagine Anuj and Anupama’s relationship. Leela says she told them over and over that Dimpy doesn’t belong in their house, but no one listened. She tells Dimpy and Samar to leave because she doesn’t want them to cause trouble.

Dimpy says that Leela always makes trouble. Leela tells you over and over to leave her house.

Kanta tells Anuj over the phone that she doesn’t like what Maaya did at the event, and she blames Anuj for helping Maaya. Anupama doesn’t want to talk about it because she has a lot of work to do in the next 6 days. Kanta asks her why she is going to see Shah instead of letting Leela take care of her family problems.

Anupama says that her son and her daughter-in-law are hers. Kanta says that Anupama is very simple, but that her ex-MIL and new DIL are very bad, so she shouldn’t give in to the pressure they put on her. Anupama tells her no and asks her to make some sweets for her. Kanta says that she will make the halwa that is her favorite. Anupama says, “Let’s wait and see what happens.” Leela keeps telling Dimpy and Samar to leave her house because they have made it hell.

Let other people put up with her crap, she says, but she won’t. She won’t leave this house and will treat Leela the same way she treats her. She snaps her fingers at Leela and makes a threat. Neighbors get together and laugh, saying that this is their daily drama and that it always starts when a new daughter-in-law moves in. This time, Leela has a strong opponent.

Anupama 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Vanraj gets mad and tells Dimpy that he can’t treat his mother badly. He tells Samar to get out of the house with his wife for being a silent bystander and backing her like a wife’s puppy. Dimpy says that they won’t be going. Leela says she will leave since everyone thinks she is to blame for everything. Vanraj, Toshu, Kinjal, and Pakhi beg her not to go and try to calm her down.

Leela tells them that if they stop her and walk out of the house, they will see her dead face. People in the neighborhood talk about how the Shahs kicked out Leela. Maaya continues to imagine Anuj and Anupama’s relationship. Anuj says that he will soon move to the US with Anupama, where they can both be happy. Maaya splits them. Anupama says that they will put her in a mental hospital and try to make Little Anu forget about her.

Then, all three of them will leave together and live happily ever after. Maaya then thinks about how angry Anuj was and worries that he will start to hate her.

Leela is sitting on a park bench when Anupama gets to the Shah house. Leela cries and hugs her. She says that her children are right that she makes problems for them, which is why she left her house. She and Hasmukh will live in an old age home once he gets back. Young people think that older people are a burden, but Anuj and Vanraj never told her that. Her house is now broken. Anupama looks shocked.

Anuj thinks that Anupama will leave for America in only 5 days. Nakul asks Malti Devi to make him and Anupama fight it out. Malti Devi praises Anupama’s work. Nakul makes Anupama fall down.

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