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Anupama 18th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama makes a paper plane and thinks about how Hasmukh and his mother told her to follow her dreams of living in the United States. She thinks she gave up the last time, but nothing can stop her from flying this time. Toshu tells Samar to keep Dimpy under control when Dimpy insults him and brings up the fact that he hurt Samar’s family by getting married twice without telling them. Dimpy says that if he means running away and getting married, Toshu and Pakhi did the same.

Pakhi says that their family is with them, but Dimpy’s family has turned their backs on her. Dimpy says that they talk about family, but they don’t mean it. She makes fun of Toshu again by saying that he doesn’t have a job and Kinjal has to go to work, do housework, and take care of Pari. Leela makes fun of Dimpy by saying that she took school by force and messed it up. Dimpy says she will stay home and let Samar handle things at the school.

Leela says her grandson can manage anything. Pakhi calls Dimpy a “backstabber” because he betrayed Anupama by forgetting her favors and getting her kicked out of her own home by making friends with Barkha. Dimpy says that Anupama is to blame for her position and that everyone wants to be like her, but she doesn’t want to be like them.

Kinjal tells them to stop arguing and making the problem worse than it is. Dimpy says that he is not, that she is not a DIL from the 1800s who will put up with her MIL’s taunts, and that Leela has turned into an old hag who only knows how to tease. Vanraj gets angry and tells Samar to stop his wife right away.

He says that this house still belongs to him, that his parents are still the elders of this house, and that he won’t let the elders insult him. Neither Anupama nor he will let the elders insult them, because they think of their DILs as their daughters. He tells Dimpy to be a daughter and not act like a mother. Dimpy stands away and messages someone. After setting their house on fire, Leela asks who she is telling about the drama. Dimpy says it’s a message about work.

Kinjal sends Anupama a message telling her that she needs to come home as soon as possible. Anuj message sorry. Gurumaa tells her that she has a lot of work to do in 6 days. Nakul will send her a list. Anupama messages okay. She enjoys flying her paper plane. In the background, the song Sapno Se Bhare Naina.. plays. She keeps going down the street until she comes across Anuj waiting for her. Anuj says sorry, and Anupama simultaneously asks if Maaya is fine. Anuj says he gave her the shot the doctor told him to give, and she is now sleeping. Anupama asks Little Anu how he is doing.

Anuj says she’s upset about what’s been going on, but she’s fine. Anupama says that he shouldn’t have come here if Maaya acts like this often. They can’t change what happened, so he should focus on Maaya now. Anuj asks him if the things that have happened don’t make him angry. Anupama says it doesn’t matter and that he should take care of Maaya because he already made a decision.

Anuj says that he made a mistake by taking care of Maaya, that he made a mistake by going to Anupama’s coronation and letting Maaya cause trouble there, that Maaya is often violent, that Little Anu is afraid of her biological mother’s situation, that he is very sorry for the trouble she went through, etc. Anupama says looking at Maaya’s state, she doesn’t need a mental assylum but Anuj. Anuj looks at her in wonder. Anupama says that Maaya needs love and care, which she gets from Anuj.

He would have handled the situation differently, but it doesn’t matter now because Maaya is used to him and mentally and emotionally depending on him, so it would be wrong for him to back off now. Anuj asks her why she cares so much about Maaya. Anupama says that because she is Little Anu’s mother, she will be in pain if Maaya is in pain; no medicine or treatment will work on Maaya if he is not with her; he made a choice for Little Anu or for any other reason, but now he has to be with Maaya.

Anupama 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Shahs get mad when they see Maaya acting crazy on the TV. Leela says that Anupama’s life is being ruined by Dimpy’s new mother. Dimpy says Maaya is mentally ill. Then, Maaya should be sent to a mental hospital, says Leela. Pakhi says that she thinks Maaya is only pretending. Dimpy acts like a doctor when she talks. Dimpy says she is a doctor who can teach women like Dimpy and Maaya a lesson for lying, being greedy, and plotting. Vanraj stops her. Leela says god knows what Maaya will do next.

Anupama tells Anuj that she doesn’t blame him because sometimes people have to do things they don’t want to do. Anuj tells her to say sorry to Malti Devi for him. Anuj says that he will go back to jail and that he wants Anupama to fly high like a free bird after being away from him for 6 days. Both of them feel sad. Anupama walks. Anuj stops her and tells her that she will never see him again in 6 days and that she should at least see him for a second. Anupama gets a call and leaves without letting her feelings get the best of her.

Anuj thinks that Anupama will leave for America in only 5 days. Nakul asks Malti Devi to make him and Anupama fight it out. Malti Devi praises Anupama’s work. Nakul makes Anupama fall down.

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