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Anupama 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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When Anupama thinks about being chosen as Gurumaa’s successor and Maaya’s drama today, she feels sad. She also remembers that Gurumaa told her to keep her promise and not give up at any cost. Anuj pushes Maaya away from gurukul.

Maaya asks him where he’s going her and tries to force her way out of the car, but she can’t. Pakhi tells Samar she’s sorry she can’t come to his wedding. Winter says she is no longer on a list of family members and is now a stranger. Pakhi apologizes him. He asks who skips their brother’s wedding to go to a friend’s. Pakhi continues to apologize. Their brother or sister, Nok Jhok, starts a fight with the family. The family laughs and tells them to stop.

Samar tells her not to leave again because he needs her prayers. Pakhi looks at Dimpy and says, “After he gets married, he’ll need that.” Dimpy tells her to stop teasing her behind her back and just talk to her. Vanraj tells Pakhi how to act around her new sister-in-law. Pakhi tells Dimpy not to make things worse than they are. Dimpy says that other people might put up with her silliness, but she won’t.

Maaya yells that it’s Anuj’s fault that he keeps coming back to Anupama. Why doesn’t he let Anupama go to America? What does Anupama have that she doesn’t have? Anuj tells her angry to shut up. Anupama remembers Gurumaa’s warning that she only has six days left to move to America and shouldn’t change her mind because Gurumaa has put a lot of money and time into her. The fight between Dimpy and Pakhi goes on.

Dimpy yells at Pakhi, and Pakhi responds in a cool way that makes Dimpy even more angry. Dimpy wants Samar to support her. Samar tells them to each get a hammer and hit the other one. Pakhi makes fun of Samar by saying that he’s already tired of Dimpy after only a day. Leela and Vanraj ask Pakhi to say sorry to her DIL. Even Leela fights with Dimpy, Pakhi says. Leela says that as a MIL, she can, but Pakhi says she can’t.

Dimpy tells Pakhi to leave her room because she and Samar need it. She also tells Pakhi to take her things to her in-laws’ house because she and Samar now own this house. No one can say anything.

Anuj takes Maaya home with him. Maaya falls. Anuj puts her on the couch. Barkha wants to know what happened to Maaya and what, if anything, she did at Anupama’s party. Ankush wants to know about Maaya. Anuj gets angry and asks him why he cares.

Barkha thinks that Anuj has never been so angry at Maaya before, and she is afraid that he might stay at the Kapadia house. Anuj tells Adhik to bring Maaya’s shot, and then he gives it to her. Barkha says that they should upset her more so that Anuj will take her back to Mumbai. Adhik asks her if she changes Maaya’s medicine like the vamps in TV shows.

Back at Shah house, Dimpy tells Pakhi that she should totally leave her parents’ house, just like she did with Kapadia house. Pakhi says that Dimpy is not a Kapadia daughter and was just a guest there. Instead, she is a Shah daughter, and no one can stop her from going to her parents’ house. Dimpy becomes very insistent that she and Samar need Pakhi’s room. Samar thinks he finally understands how a man can’t help his family or his wife after getting married.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

She says that if Dimpy needs help, she and Toshu will let him stay in their room. Dimpy feels happy. Toshu doesn’t want to move out of his room. Pakhi says Toshu is right. Dimpy says that the people who live in this house are so self-centered, which is why their marriages end. Vanraj tells her to watch what she says before she says it.

Leela says that Dimpy is a loudmouth who doesn’t know how to behave. Toshu doesn’t want to give up his room again, so he asks Kinjal if she asked him first. Kinjal says that he did a lot of things without telling him a lot of times. Dimpy makes fun of Toshu by saying that Kinjal didn’t cheat on him like he did to Kinjal. Everyone is surprised. Anupama walks down the street, muttering that she should never stop.

Anupama thinks that things will get hard, but she won’t give up no matter what. Vanraj tells Samar that he needs to tell his wife that she is his daughter, not his mother. Anupama tells Anuj that she can’t stop now because it’s too late. Anuj tells her that she only has six days left before she goes to America and asks her to meet him once before she leaves.

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