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Anupama 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Update

Malti Devi gets Anupama ready for her dance show by herself. In the background, the song’s main track plays. Anuj looks out from behind the press and is sure that Anupama will do something magical today. Gurumaa starts the show and gives Anupama a lamp. Anupama sings on Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya… Anuj’s Anu thinks she’s a rock star.

When Kanta and Bhavesh see Anupama play live, they are happy. Bhavesh says that they need to go see Jayantibhai and records the show. Maaya gets gurukul following Anuj. Leela is shown a show by Kinjal. Leela says she is happy for Anupama and won’t worry about her going to the US because Anu Kinjal will be going with her. Dimpy gets angry when he sees them getting along.

Anuj gets noticed by the media, which makes him stand in front. Anuj meets gurumaa. Anupama feels happy seeing Anuj. Maaya looks at Anu’s act with envy. Anupama trips while on stage. Anuj holds her. When Maaya sees that, she breaks lamps and mirrors. Anuj runs to stop her and tells her she’s lost her mind.” and walks on stage to yell at Anupama. During breakfast, the Shahs talk about how Hasmukh will stay with his friend for a while.

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Samar sneezes. Dimpy gets him water and bumps into Pakhi. Pakhi gets angry. Dimpy says she didn’t mean to do it, and she just walked into her house out of the blue. Pakhi tells her that it’s her home and that she can come any time. Barkha tells Adhik that Maaya has gotten out of hand and is making trouble at gurukul. This is bad for them because Anuj might get mad at Maaya, dump her, and move in with the Kapadias.

Media records Maaya’s drama. Maaya asks Anupama why she won’t leave Anuj alone, why she’s getting in the way of their relationship, why she’s the reason they’re happy, what’s so great about her that Anuj can’t leave her, etc. Anuj tries to stop her, but Maaya keeps telling Anupama bad things. Gurumaa tells Anuj to stop making a fuss and take this woman away.

Maaya begs Anupama to leave Anuj and go to America or hell, but not to stay with him. Her story continues. Anuj pulls her away from the place. Nakul asks gurumaa if she really thinks Anupama can go to the United States. Anupama falls at Gurumaa’s feet, apologizes for the drama, and says that Maaya is mentally stable. She says Anupama can’t give up now and should focus on getting to America, etc.

Anuj meets her and tells her that he made a mistake by taking on Maaya’s duty. Anupama says that now is too late to talk about it. Anuj asks if she can see him once in the next six days.

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