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Anupama 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 15th June 2023, Written Update on

Anupama Written Update

Gurumaa Malti Devi hails Anupama and says that ever since they met, she has been testing her, but Anupama has always passed with flying colors, which has given her confidence. She says that dance is an art that should be prayed for, so Anupama prays for her art.

Anupama is the same inside and out and has a pure soul, so she tells the media and Natraj that Anupama is her successor and that, starting today, Anupama is in charge of her gurukul. Nakul is angry and has tears in his eyes. Reporters want to know how she feels about taking over and what her plans are for the future.

Anupama says that some dreams are so big that you wouldn’t dare to dream them even in a dream. She says that becoming gurumaa’s student was one of those dreams that came true. She says that taking over for Gurumaa is like becoming a mother. She says that people cut stones to make sculptures, but Guruma carved a stone like her and turned it into a diamond. Gurumaa holds her hand with a lot of feeling. Nakul feels more jealous.

Anupama 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Barkha tells Ankush and Anuj that they should ask Dimpy or the paghphera ritual. Anuj, who was watching Gurukul’s live event, said that they should call Leela. Maaya walks in and tells him not to worry because she’ll talk to Leela about it. Anuj covers the screen of his phone. Maaya keeps a close eye on it. Barkha thinks that Maaya has been getting more tense since yesterday, and if this keeps up, she will go back to Mumbai.

She says that Anupama makes good sweets, but she is at gurukul for a news conference and can’t make them. Barkha says Anupama is very bright. Anuj tells her not to start yet and tells her that he will make sweets. He remembers that Anupama said she is on a two-way road, just like he was a month ago. He goes with Ankush.

Barkha tries to get Maaya to hate Anupama by saying that Anupama rules Anuj’s brain and now Maaya’s brain as well. Maaya had been bragging that she could erase Anupama’s name from Anuj’s heart and write her own name there, but she failed and is now just Anuj’s maid. Maaya burns in anger.

Gurumaa says, “Let’s begin the ceremony to make Anupama her successor.” During pooja, they both sit down, but Nakul stands and gets angry. Anuj watches the live video of the coronation ceremony while making sweets. He thinks he can’t stay away from her, but he has to so she can follow her goals. Hearing him makes Maaya even more angry. Gurumaa gives Anupama her ghungroo in front of the idol of Lord Natraj. Anupama keeps it at the feet of gurumaa.

Maaya brings Anuj cold coffee and asks how Anuj is doing. Ankush says that he left the house. Maaya drops her cup out of worry. Dimpy asks Kinjal what kind of treat she should make. Kinjal says whatever she likes. Leela and Dimpy’s nok jhok starts.

Dimpy says that for breakfast she will make sooji halwa and aloo roti. Leela says that Kinjal’s food is already ready. Next, Dimpy yells at Kinjal and says that she is trying to show that Dimpy is a lazy waste of space. Kinjal says that Dimpy was tired yesterday, so she thought about letting her rest. After getting married, Anupama didn’t let her work for a few days. Leela tells Dimpy to go away and says something. Kinjal tells her to calm down, telling her that everyone is different.

Maaya gets scared because she thinks Anuj must have gone to see Anupama’s event and would try to get her to stay with him. She thinks she can’t let that happen. Gurumaa tells Anupama that she now has to take care of the dance ability as well. Anuj gets there, stands behind Anupama, and says, “I love you” while reciting a shayari.

Anupama can feel it. Gurumaa says that Anupama will go to the United States with her in 6 days. Anupama feels more excited. Please applaud for her. Gurumaa says that the prayer is over and that the ritual will now begin.

Anupama thinks that nothing can stop her from getting what she wants. When Anuj runs into her, he admits that taking up Maaya’s responsibility was a mistake. Anupama says that now is too late to talk about it. Anuj asks her if she can give her some time out of the six days.

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