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Anupama 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 15th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Before Choti Anu goes to Shah’s house, Anuj tells her how much he loves her. Ankush tells him that Kavya will take care of CA, so he shouldn’t worry about her. Barkha tells Adhik that CA makes her sad.

Adhik says that he agrees with her and that it’s a good thing that she’s moving to the Shah house. Barkha says that it’s good for Maaya and CA, but bad for them because Anuj will go back to work and find out what they did wrong. Adhik says that’s a terrible idea.

Pakhi overhears them and gives them a tongue lashing for being so cruel. She tells Anuj that she will tell him the truth about them. Adhik grabs her hand and says that Anuj is already upset and will break down if she tells him this news. He says that he will use this to his advantage and get out of the situation. Pakhi says that their bad plans won’t work for long and that they will definitely have to pay for their sins.

CA and Pari play. Toshu takes them outside to play on the deck. At the same time, both Leela and Dimpy say that they shouldn’t have brought CA here. Vanraj and Hasmukh asked why because they thought CA would be happy to have Pari here.

Leela says that Anuj will punish them if anything bad happens to CA here. If a kid falls down in her own house, it’s her fault, but if she falls in a neighbor’s house, it’s the neighbor’s fault, so they should try to get CA back to Anuj as soon as possible.

Dimpy wants to know how long CA is going to stay with them. Kavya says maybe forever. Adhik and Barkha talk about how to keep Anuj from going back to work. Pakhi asks a servant in front of them to bring legal documents from Anuj’s office because Anuj wants to go back to work. Adhik looks sad. Barkha says that he upset Pakhi and brought it down on them.

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Kavya makes cake for CA. Kinjal joins her. Kavya says that she can’t be Anupama, but she can be like a mother to CA. Vanraj says that Pakhi sent clothes and books to CA and wants to know where she is. Kavya tells Pari that she’s with her. Leela says that she is not there. When Toshu comes back, he says that CA is not at home.

Leela says she has already warned them. Vanraj and Toshu go looking for her right away. When Anuj wakes up, she calls CA and then figures out that she is at Shah’s house. He gets a message telling him that CA is gone. Vanraj and Toshu go home and tell their parents that they couldn’t find CA anywhere. Anuj comes in with his family.

Barkha gives Kavya a tongue lashing for being careless. CA was with Pari on the balcony, according to Kavya, and she doesn’t know when CA left home. Barkha keeps yelling at Kavya to make Anuj angry.

Anuj gets a message that his daughter has been seen in Mumbai. When he finds out that CA is back in a home, he is shocked. He says that the story is back where it began.

Anuj and Vanraj rush to Mumbai. Shahs pray to God that CA will come home safely. When Anuj and Vanraj get to the shelter, they are surprised to see Anupama and CA singing a lullaby to a baby.

Vanraj writes it down and sends it to the Shahs. They both want to know how she got here and why she didn’t go to Mumbai. Anuj asks if she is okay, and he made sure that she was already on the flight to the US. Anupama feels weak, so she falls on Anuj and asks him to take her home.

Precap: When Anupama gets home, she reads a poem about how she gave up her goals for her family. Her CA is happy to have her Yashoda maiya back. Gurumaa, who is angry, tells Nakul to find out where Anupama is and then says she will talk to Anupama herself.

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