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Anupama 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode For Today 13th June 2023, Written Update on

Anupama Written Update

Anupama tells Leela that she can’t go to the ceremonies Samar and Dimpy are having after their wedding. Leela yells that she meant to call Samar’s mother instead of Malti devi’s replacement. She asks her to come visit them until she leaves for America and shape Dimpy like she did with Kinjal.

She says that she worries that Dimpy will cause trouble for them, that she doesn’t know what Samar and Anupama saw in Dimpy, that she saw Anupama in Kinjal when she got married, but that Dimpy will ruin their family, etc. Anupama says that she has to get to gurukul at 10 a.m. tomorrow and can’t put off her goals any longer. She says that no one is perfect and that everyone needs time to change, even Dimpy. Leela says that the pooja will happen tomorrow no matter what, that she is afraid but feels safe when Anupama is around, etc. Dimpy can hear what they say.

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The next day, Anupama calls Anuj and tells him that she can’t come. She says that just like he was standing on a two-way path, she is also standing on a two-way path, and just like he chose duty over love, so will she. He says it’s fine, and that they’ll meet again some other time. She is upset. Samar is nervous because he wants to make their first night together special for Dimpy.

He decorates his room with rose petals because he thinks he will shower Dimpy with rose petals when she walks in. When he hears footsteps, he turns on the fan. Instead, Leela walks in and tells Samar that she is being too sweet. When Kinjal, Toshu, and Dimpy walk in with Dimpy, they see what’s going on and try to get Leela out of the room. Leela tells Samar and them that she wants to talk to Dimpy, so she wants them to go outside. Samar leaves, leaving them angry.

Then, Leela gives Dimpy a necklace as a way to tease her. Dimpy makes fun of her in a rude way. Leela says that, just like she did for Kinjal, she has saved three necklaces for her. Dimpy tells her that she needs to give it to her before she goes. Leela says that everyone will die someday, but she wants to die later because there is no one left to keep her family together. She tells Dimpy that Samar and she can’t sleep together tonight because it’s a tradition.

Samar comes back and is angry to hear that. Leela tells Samar to sleep in his room tonight and tells Dimpy to sleep with her. Dimpy comes out of her room angry and tries to fix the rings on her fingers. Kinjal does his best to help. Dimpy yells at Leela that she told her and Samar to sleep in different rooms on the night of their wedding. Leela is an old woman, so Kinjal tells her to calm down.

Dimpy tells her that she needs to explain Leela or she won’t be able to stay in this house. She yells that Kinjal tried to be like Anupama but got nowhere. She doesn’t want to be like Anupama and would rather be herself. She also yells that she has been given the smallest room in the house and that on her first night she has to sleep alone with someone who hates her.

Kanta tells Anupama that she made the right choice by going to the meeting and that she shouldn’t let the greedy Shahs get in the way of her happiness. Maaya is upset when she thinks about Anuj’s harsh answer to her. Gurumaa also looks worried. Anuj remembers that Anupama said she couldn’t meet him tomorrow.

The following morning, Anupama performs pooja and asks God to grant Anuj’s wishes for happiness, peace of mind, and other things, as well as for the health and happiness of her mother, Leela, and son Hasmukh.


Anupama gets gurukul. Reports ask how he feels now that he is the new leader. Anupama touches Gurumaa’s feet and says that when she became a mother, she felt the same way. On the song Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, she dances… song. Anuj walks in. Gurumaa feels angry.

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