Anupama 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 13th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Before going to the airport, Anupama says goodbye to the Shahs with a wave. She tries to find Anuj. Vanraj signals her to go in. When she sees a little girl crying and begging her mother not to leave her, it makes her feel sad.

She makes up a story about herself and choti Anu/CA and then tries to call Anuj. Gurumaa takes her phone away and tells her she can check in first and then make calls. They can’t take a chance because Nakul is stuck with Visa problems.

Anupama gives the officer her papers to look at. Gurumaa thinks that Anupama’s mother is holding her back, but she should be hard on Anupama because it’s good for her. CA keeps asking for Anupama, gets out of hand, runs, and trips.

Anupama feels something is wrong. Anuj freaks out when he sees CA bleeding. The doctor checks it out, says it’s just a small cut, and takes care of her. Anuj wonders if he should call Anupama or not, since she must have already left.

Officer looks at Anupama’s ID and asks if her kids called her to come to the United States. Anupama says that her hard work is getting her to the U.S., where she can live her dreams. Officer hails her hard work and tells her to keep going until she gets what she wants.

Then, Anupama walks over to Gurumaa and tells her that her check-in time is over. Anuj calls Anupama and says he has something important to tell her.

Anupama asks with worry, “What?” Anuj says “I love you” after a long pause. Anupama tells him that she knows he wants to say more if he wants to. Anuj tells her that he will miss her a lot and that she should take care of herself and follow all her dreams.

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Anupama 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama hears CA calling for her mother. Anuj disconnects call. In a hurry, Anupama tries to call again. The flight is called out. Gurumaa tells Anupama that she needs to be there when the news is made. Anuj hopes that Anupama doesn’t hear the voice of the CA and that her flight leaves.

Shahs look at the time with worry. Kinjal says that Anupama’s plane must have already taken off by now. Vanraj tells Toshu the same thing as he drives. Anupama thinks that CA is begging her not to go.

Gurumaa tells her to come soon because the news has already been spread. Anupama walks towards her with worry as CA’s voice plays over and over in her head.

The air hostess asks her to show her boarding pass. She shows her ticket to get on the plane. She sees another child crying and thinks of how to comfort CA. Gurumaa tells Anupama that Nakul, Bhairavi, and others are in business class and fixes her seatbelt. Anupama thinks back to CA’s plea and what Anuj said. The plane takes off.

Ankush asks Anuj if the plane carrying Anupama has taken off. Anuj says yes. Ankush says it means that Anupama didn’t hear CA’s voice, so Anuj was scared for no reason. Anuj reads a long poem that says that when Anupama left, he lost everything.

Before the end of the story, Anupama comes home and says she couldn’t leave her bebli. Gurumaa asks her if she only remembered being a mother and not who she was. Anupama puts her hand on Gurumaa’s feet and says she’s sorry. Gurumaa hits her, tells her she will never forgive her, and dares her to end her life.

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