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Anupama 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Summary Of Anupama Episode For Today 12th June 2023.

Here is the written episode update for Anupama on June 12, 2023: Written Update by

  • Anupama is shocked to hear about Kavya’s pregnancy. She doesn’t know how to react.
  • Vanraj is excited about the news. He can’t wait to be a father again.
  • Samar and Dimpy are disgusted by the news. They don’t want to be related to a child of Vanraj and Kavya.
  • Leela is also upset by the news. She doesn’t want her family to be disgraced.
  • Anupama tries to be positive. She tells everyone that they should be happy for Vanraj and Kavya.
  • Anupama is also worried about how the news will affect her relationship with Anuj. She doesn’t want him to think that she is still attached to Vanraj.
  • Anuj tells Anupama that he loves her and that he is not going anywhere.
  • Anupama is relieved to hear Anuj’s words. She is aware that she can depend on him at all times.
  • Anupama goes to the press conference with Gurumaa. Gurumaa announces Anupama as the successor to her company.
  • Anupama is honored by Gurumaa’s decision. She promises to do her best to live up to Gurumaa’s expectations.
  • Anupama is excited about her new role. She knows that she has a lot to learn, but she is determined to succeed.

The episode ends with Anupama looking forward to the future. She knows that she has a lot to do, but she is confident that she can handle it. She is also excited to start her new life with Anuj.

Anupama 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Samar’s family asks him if what he just heard is true. Dimpy says yes. Kinjal says that Dimpy coming into this house is good news. Dimpy complains that as soon as she got home, she heard that she was going to get a devar (BIL) or nanad (SIL). Samar says that people will come to his wedding and to congratulate him on becoming an older brother. Dimpy says that everything has a right time.

Anupama asks Kavya if she is too young to have children. Samar says that Vanraj is being talked about. Vanraj already has three grown children, so Anupama wonders why Kavya can’t have children of her own. If Kavya is healthy and can take care of a child, no one should have a problem with that.

Toshu says that Samary was happy when Anupama took in Little Anu, so he doesn’t understand why he’s having trouble now that Vanraj is in charge. Samar says that was an adoption case and that people will laugh at them if Vanraj has a child at this point in his life. Leela backs Samar. Toshu says that people won’t laugh at them when they find out about Kavya’s pregnancy if she doesn’t stay in this house.

Vanraj says that Kavya will live with him. He isn’t a first-time father-in-law, so he will only think about his wife and child. Kavya tells him that she knows his worry, but just like it took her time to accept it, Samar, Dimpy, and Pakhi will also need time. Vanraj declares his desire to care for both her and his child.

Anupama says Kavya is right. Vanraj goes to drop Kavya. Leela tells Anupama that they got shocking news and a shocking Dimpy and that she won’t be able to get along with him. Anupama tells her that she has to change. Leela says that Anupama is pulling a Dimpy and going to America to take over for gurumaa.

Anupama thinks back to what Gurumaa said and says that she will leave now. Leela yells that she went to the wedding as a guest and will return as a guest. Anupama tells Dolly and Kinjal to take care of the problem, and she goes.

Anuj is happy when he sees Anupama dancing with him. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai Yaara Main Kya Karoon… In the background, a song is playing. He says that he really loves and misses her. Maaya walks to the front of the screen and tells him she has a question. Anuj tells her to move on.

Maaya asks him and Anupama why they were looking at each other the whole time at the wedding. Anuj says he has already told her how much he cares about Anupama. Maaya yells that she does. Anuj tells her don’t. Maaya asserts that she is aware of his affection for Anupama and his devotion to her.

What does Anupama have that she doesn’t? Why isn’t Anupama jealous that her husband is with another woman? Why doesn’t she ask him? Anuj says this because his wife Anupama has a lot of faith in him and knows all about his issues. Maaya asks what would happen if Anupama didn’t come back and he met someone else.

Anuj says that no one came between them when he was the only one who loved Anupama. Anupama has chosen to move on with him, and if she doesn’t come back, he will still love her until he dies. Maaya stands furious.

Kanta asks Anupama if she can stay even if Anuj isn’t there. Anupama says that no matter what, she has to take on the duty that her gurumaa has given her and follow it like a true student. Kanta says that her mother’s love and gurumaa’s trust are always with her. He gives her a call. Kanta goes.

Anupama picks call. Anuj asks her if she got home yet. Anupama says she is at the house where her mother lives. Anuj asks if they can meet tomorrow because she’s moving to America in a few days and he doesn’t know when they’ll see each other again. Can they please meet tomorrow? Anupama says hmm. Anuj says he doesn’t know how to speak hmmm. Anupama asks when they should meet.

Anuj says morning 10 p.m. at Cafe Maazi. He says that Maazi means it’s too late. Anupama claims that their relationship can only exist in the past. Anuj says yes. They both remember the dance they did at their wedding. The Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai… song keeps going. Anupama gets gurumaa’s call. She tells Anuj goodbye, hangs up on him, and then takes Gurumaa’s call. Anuj is looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

Gurumaa is asked if everything is okay by Anupama. Gurumaa tells her that she is pleased that she didn’t answer Anuj’s call and instead answered hers. Anupama wants to know how she knows that. Gurumaa says that she now understands her and tells her that she needs to go to a press meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. where she will name her as her successor.

Anupama is happy to see that Anuj sent pictures of their dance. Guruma says that Anupama shouldn’t break her trust because there’s a saying that you can lose your breath but not your trust. She should get to gurukul by 10 a.m. tomorrow. Anupama thinks she has to meet Anuj at 10 a.m., because she doesn’t want to let either of them down. Next, Leela calls her and tells her that her son and daughter-in-law’s post-wedding rituals are tomorrow and that she needs to be at the Shah house by 9:30 a.m.


Dimpy yells at Kinjal that they gave her and Samar a small room, but she doesn’t want them to stay together. Kinjal says that if she yells, the problem will get worse. Dimpy says that Kinjal’s choice is to become junior Anupama, and that Kinjal’s choice is to be herself. Kanta tells Anupama not to let the tricks of the Shah family ruin her happiness. Anuj hears from Anupama that she won’t be able to come tomorrow.

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