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Anupama 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 12 July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Kinjal asks, “What’s going on?” Anupama says she couldn’t find her cash. Kavya says lets go. Anupama says ok. Pakhi comes over in tears and gives Anupama a hug. Anupama asks her what’s wrong, why she’s crying, and if everything is okay.

Pakhi says you are going, but. She remembers that Anuj told her not to tell Anupama anything about fire and to tell her that everything was fine.

She doesn’t tell her and just says, “I’ll be fine without you.” She says that she misses her already. Anupama tells her, “I’m going to miss you a lot, too,” and tells her not to cry. She asks Choti if she is okay. Pakhi says Anu was sleeping. Anupama says that she is okay.

Pakhi says that she won’t be the same rude Pakhi anymore. Instead, she will be like her daughter. She says she will do everything she needs to do and that she is sorry for everything.

She says that when we leave the house, we don’t think about how our parents feel. She says, “When you leave today, I’ll know how a mother feels.” She tells her she’s sorry for not hurting her, not getting her, and always taking her for granted. She says thank you.

She says I used to be stubborn if I wanted to come with you. She tells her she can’t stay this time, even if she insists or begs. Bhavesh says that they will watch this sad programme again later. Vanraj says, “Let’s go. We might get stuck in traffic on the way.”

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Anuj tries to calm Anu down, but she is hyper and yells that she wants her mother. Anuj says that you are with Papa. Doctor tells him to give her a call.

Anupama’s mother keeps bad things from happening to her. Baa gives her curd and sugar to eat. After getting there, Aai tells her to buy a new bag. Bhavesh says that we wanted to meet you at the airport, but we don’t think you’re going to America.

Anupama tells Baa and Aai to take their medicine on time and not take their health for granted. She tells them she is going to make a video call and asks them. Baa tells her not to eat food from outside. Aai tells her not to trust people, to tie up her bags, and not to put her phone out the window.

Anupama hugs her. Toshu says that Mummy will be taking a plane instead of a train. Vanraj says lets go, it is getting late. Anupama gives everyone a hug and then leaves.

Just then, she drops her phone and hears Choti asking her to come back to her. Anupama says choti, my kid. Toshu says that the recording is an old one of Choti. He tells her to come. Anupama is told to be careful by Kavya. Aai tells her to have a safe trip.

Kinjal tells her to call or send a message when she gets there. Anupama gives everyone a sign to smile and a cheer. She starts to walk away.

Choti Anu is hard for Anuj to take care of. She stands up and quickly leaves the room. In the car are Vanraj, Anupama, and Toshu. Anupama gets Gurumaa’s call. Gurumaa asks her where she got to. Anupama says that she is almost there.

Bhairavi and Nakul are in the other car, according to Gurumaa. Vanraj asks Anupama to keep phone on side, and relax. He says that the airport is still 15 minutes away. He tells her about a time when he had an interview in Delhi and was so worried that he couldn’t sleep all night.

He says that you had said something to me back then. He says, “I want you to do the same thing. Just close your eyes and think about your dream.

Then all your troubles, problems, and mental blocks will be gone. Just close your eyes and aim at your goal so that you can see it every time you open your eyes.” Toshu tells her to forget all the bad things and think only good things. Anuj and Choti Anu come to mind for Anupama.

When she gets a call from Anuj, she asks him if everything is okay. Gurumaa thinks the flight will leave on time, the hero won’t stop the heroine, and I’ll take care of her in the United States. Vanraj asks, “What went wrong?” Anupama says she can’t hear anything, which could be because of a problem with the network.

Choti Anu is being chased by Anuj and other people.Vanraj tells Anupama that Anuj will call back or that the call may have been linked by accident. He tells her to hang up. Anupama has concerns.

Anupama is going for the third time, Aai says. She says that Bhavesh and I used to be happy with her, but now they are sad and upset. Baa says that even though she wasn’t with us before, she was still here when we were sad and upset. She says that Anupama has come a long way.

When Anupama gets to the airport, she sees the moms with their children. She sees the “STOP” sign fall in front of her. Vanraj says lets go. Anupama says I will make a call. Gurumaa comes and tells them to leave. He asks her to look after Anupama.

Gurumaa says that I’m now in charge of her. Toshu gives her a hug and tells her I miss you. She tells him to be careful. Vanraj gives her a handshake and wishes her luck with her dreams and her new job. She gets a paper plane from him. Anupama thanks him. Vanraj tells her to keep going.

Anupama calls Anuj to find out if everything is okay. Anuj tells her that he doesn’t want to stop her. Choti Anu yells Mama…I need you. Anupama drops her phone out of worry, then picks it up again to call him. Gurumaa gets nervous.

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