Watch the new historical thrilling war serial ‘Porus’ on Sony TV –Story, Cast

Porus is an upcoming Indian soap opera on that will be broadcast on Sony TV channel from 27 November 2017. Siddharth Kumar who is the owner of Swastik Productions has produced this historical period drama series depicting the interesting battle of Porus with Alexander the Great in the Battle of Hydaspes.


This Hindi serial is set around 350 BC when Alexander invaded India because he was charmed by the wealth of the nation and want to conquer it. Then the army of Porus fought very bravely with Alexander and stopped him on many occasions but was finally defeated in the end.

The latest TV serial news is that this is also the most expensive series among all Indian TV serials Porus is a Hindi TV serial that is made with a mega budget of Rs 500 crore and shot in the spectacular locations of Thailand which are Pattaya, Surat Thani, and Khao Sok Lake.  The series makers have shot one of the sequences under water because they want to show the water-transport route so this would be one of the most thrilling scenes to watch.  Each episode of the 260-episode show has cost more than Rs 1 crore so definitely it will be one of the most entertaining Indian Hindi TV serials.

The story of Porus Serial:

Porus ruled the Kingdom of Paurava in Ancient India which is situated between Chenab and Jhelum River in Punjab.  Alexander sent a messenger from Taxila to King Porus asking his submission but Porus refused and replied that his army is ready to combat.


Porus got angry with the intentions of a foreign invader and prepared his army ready for war.  His army was large and well capable to defeat an invader but the monsoon had an adverse impact on his chance to win the battle.  The chariots of his army got stuck in mud due to rain and the bowmen were not able to aim correctly. Despite this, Porus fought very bravely and got injured during the battle. His army was defeated and he was forced to surrender.

Alexander was impressed by the bravery of Porus. He asked Porus what treatment he wishes. Porus replied to treat him as a king so Alexander treated him as a friend and returned his kingdom back along with many other villages.

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This historical war Indian drama is definitely going to attract the attention of a large number of viewers.


Rati Pandey has played the role of Queen Anusuiya, Porus Mother. Laksh Lalwani has played the role of Porus while Rohit Purohit has played the role of main opponent Emperor Alexander The Great.

Other star casts in this Indian drama war series are Suhani Dhanki, Aditya Redij, Sameksha Singh,

Praneet Bhat who was last seen in Mahabharat series, Sunny Ghanian, Gurpreet Singh, Mohit Abrol whose previous show was Kavach, and Chirag Madhukant Jani.

 Broadcast days:  Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM on Sony Entertainment Television.


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