Top 10 Web Series in India available on YouTube

While the mainstream TV is disappointing us with its daily dose saas-bahu series and drama, We still have some entertaining shows to look forward to….but on the WEB. You cannot deny the fact that web-series producers are creating some really swanky content which is successful in keeping us hooked throughout. More and more people are turning to the web for their daily dose of entertaining video content, just like the demand has risen so does the supply. In a plethora of online videos, today we are presenting you the Top 10 web series in India right now to define your day of entertainment well spent.

If you are planning to binge on great shows this weekend, check out our below list to give you a head start.

  1. TVF Pitchers


Created by The Viral fever in 2015, Pitchers shows us the struggle of four young guys who quit their day jobs and are ready to take the plunge of Entrepreneurship. The transition from an employee to figuring out their own way into the entrepreneurial world, we realize through their story that how similar is it to our lives.

TVF Pitchers received a lot of acclaims throughout the world and have made it to the list of IMDb top 250 tv series list.

  1. Love Shots


An anthology series of 6 six episodes, Love Shots presents the love story of six extraordinary pairs who are redefining love in their own way. The series witnesses talented actors like Farida Jalal, Nimrat Kaur, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Saba Azad etc.

Produced by the youth arm of Yash Raj filmsY films, the series has its own songs for each episode.

  1. A.I.SHA: My Virtual Girlfriend


What happens when a mediocre techhie decides to fight his loneliness by engrossing himself into building a human-like girl in an app called A.I.SHA? Will she be his friend or foe?

A.I.S.H.A. is a sci-fi thriller which takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, produced by Arre, this series has just finished airing its second season.

  1. Man’s World


As they say ‘Be careful, what you wish for!’ they might come true. While our boy Kiran is fed up with the way women are favoured over man, he asks for something which changes his life altogether.

Man’s world is produced by Y films, the quirky take on the gender inequality in our day to day lives provides quite a paradigm shift towards the issue. While you are waiting for the series to end on a subtle note, you are left thinking as why it doesn’t?

  1. TVF Tripling


Three siblings, who are staying far from each other plan to take a road trip which leads to nowhere or if it does lead them somewhere?  How many turns will their road take till they reconnect with each other at one point? Wait till you watch the end.

Another masterpiece by TVF featuring Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar as Tripling. It’s worth all of the time spent on watching it.

  1. LoveBytes


Today our romantic relationships start with uploading a status on facebook and ends with deleting pictures of each other from our social media. A mature take on today’s fast moving relationships. Abhi and Ananya introduce us to the life of a live-in couple and the challenges they face to sustain the relationship.

If you are up for some tipsy-turvy episodes of romance and drama then LoveBytes is going to be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Alisha


Who doesn’t love fashion? What if we can mix fashion and mystery? The combination will give us a fashion detective. That’s right! A young and aspiring fashion editor Alisha who has just returned from Paris presents us with her tale of solving mysterious cases with a twist of fashion.

Alisha is not our next door girl instead she will take a look at you and predict what are you going to do in the next moment. Can’t believe that? Go check Alisha out on Youtube today.

  1. Little Things


One more shot at a romantic relationship with some essence of comedy. Featuring gorgeous and bubbly Mithila Palkar, Little things deal with the every-day struggle of a live-in couple who would just not give up on each other.

Little thing is an adorable story of a couple who could be just us. Tune in today.

  1. Official Chukyagiri


Most of us have been through the phase of being an intern, while we under the impression interns doesn’t make any difference just hold on till you watch Spandan Chukya who has recently moved into Mumbai to make it big in the corporate.

If you need some glimpse of your office reality on a big screen then follow Spandan as he juggles between his deadlines, happy hours and dreams.

  1. The Aam Aadmi Family


A gossip-loving grandmother, over the top worrying mother, a hardworking and strict father and carefree children sums up a typical middle-class family. The Aam Admi family is a simple story a north Indian family and the issues they tackle on daily basis in their family life.

The Aam Aamdi Family is a complete family entertainer and leaves no stone unturned in making you laugh throughout the series.

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