Exclusive: Piyush Sahdev Confirms Separation From Wife Akangsha Rawat

Piyush Sahdev who has portrayed the character of Samay in the much-loved Sony TV show Beyhadh has spoken publicly about the issues that he is facing in his married life. The actor told to media that he and Akangsha are getting divorced. He said that we are currently separated and living apart since last three months. When Piyush was asked about the reason of this separation, he said that we both think very differently and even our lifestyle and ways of living are entirely different.


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We always have problems with each other because of this and thought to separate earlier, but then get back together thinking that both of us will try to adjust and resolve the issues. But now we have realized that we can’t cope up and so decided to go separate ways.

Recently, it was reported that Piyush got close to some other actress from Beyhadh’s crew which resulted in a split from his wife. Piyush told that these are all rumours that are being spread and are absolutely wrong. I have nothing to do with these nonsense rumours.  I am already going through an odd phase in my life and these gossips add more to my misery. He requested not to spread such fake rumours that add more fuel to the fire.

It is evident that Piyush and Akangsha Rawat met each other through a common friend and after that, they got married on June 25, 2012. Akangsha Rawat has played role in shows like Solaah Singhaar and Palampur Express is missing from the screens for a long time.

Opening up for the first time, Piyush Sahdev solely gave his statement in media that we both are currently staying apart from each other and proceeding for a divorce. Since the matter is under discussion in court so I am not supposed to speak in much detail about it.

In the last two months, there were buzzes of things going wrong between Piyush and Akangsha. Friends and the family members of the couple thought that this a normal marital conflict.

Only when Akangsha openly told in interviews that she is planning to shift her base to South Africa, people realized that now there is something definitely wrong.

It is notable that Akangsha Rawat refused to talk about the separation. Rawat said that she can’t talk about it at the moment.

Piyush Sahdev who has played the role of an opponent in Beyhadh recently made a recovery after losing 38 kg weight. He got a knee injury and was on bed rest.

As a professional actor, Piyush has played role in several TV shows and got fame for his role of Samay in Beyhadh co-starring Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon & Aneri Vajani. He has also played a Negative role in the TV show Devanshi.

So it is for sure that the TV couple is heading for divorce after 5 years of marriage.

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