Bollywood actors who died Penniless and in Misery!

Meena Kumari


One of the famous and beautiful personality in Bollywood made her first appearance at the age of 4. She went to become the ‘Tragedy Queen’ of Indian cinema not only due to the roles she portrayed on screen but her personal life as well. Her marriage to writer-director Kamal Amrohi soured when Dharmendra made an appearance in her life.

She was preparing for ‘Pakeezah’ movie, despite her failing health she still gave her best in a film project. She died after the three weeks of a movie released.

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Nalini Jayawat


She was first seen in the movie ‘Bahen’ in 1941; she, later on, appeared in several films, many of which opposite of Ashok Kumar.

In Dec 2010, she died in isolation in her house in Chembur.  Her body had been claimed by some man before anyone knew about her death. Her dogs had been left on the streets and were fed by a few neighbors who found them. Even the actress’ family in the industry hadn’t bothered to keep in touch with her during her last days.


Bharat Bhushan


Bharat Bhushan had struggled around ten years to make his presence on big screen. His mother died when he was two, and his wife died while giving birth to their child. He had faced many obstacles in his life.

With the coming of color films, Bhushan’s film career was also on the risk. He tried to play roles but was unsuccessful. Towards the end of his life, he had to sell his cars and even his prized libraries of rare book collections. Bhushan worked hard to end his financial crisis and died shortly after becoming more solvent.

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Cuckoo Moray


She was an Anglo-Indian dancer and item girl who appeared in many cinema movies.

She died at the age of 52 due to cancer. She is one of those stars of Bollywood who lived luxurious life but life ended pennilessly.

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