Anya Singh Looks Promising in Debut Movie Qaidi Band

Anya Singh is a new name with a beautiful face which will be introduced to the film industry in the upcoming movie Qaidi Band under Yash Raj Banner. Qaidi Band will be the debut movie for Anya Singh and Adar Jain. The movie is set to release in August 2017 and the first poster and trailer look promising.

Qaidi Band is Based on the Undertrial Prisoners in Indian Jails

Qaidi Band is touching a sensitive issue which has never been used in any movie, the undertrial prisoners in Indian Jails. Undertrial prisoners are those who are in jail during their court trials. Many innocent people have to live a life of a criminal among the real criminals. Adar and Anya are playing the role of such undertrial prisoners who are waiting for theirĀ court date and wishing to go into the real world soon.

Musical movie about a serious Topic

Qaidi Band is a musical movie which is telling a serious story. 7 undertrial prisoners are chosen to perform on Independence Day as a musical band and their song gets viral on the internet and they become famous, then the drama starts. The local politician wants to use them as his asset in elections and to fulfil that desire he gets their court dates cancelled. We have to wait till the movie releases to watch what happens next, but from trailers, the movie is looking promising and both the lead actors are convincing.

Anaya Singh is Cute and Hot at times

Yash Raj’s new finding Anya Singh is a beautiful face for the industry and she will raise brows with her character in the movie. We have seen her photo shoot and know that she is a hot girl and we thank Yash Raj for launching her. Adar Jain is the grand son of legendary Raj Kapoor, so we can expect him to be a good actor in the movie.

Qaidi Band TrailerĀ 

Anya Singh Hot Photos

Here are few amazing photos of the new actress.

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Qaidi band Movie Poster


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